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We make your job easier!

Save time creating better plans

Tasks can be assigned easily to employees and vehicles. Automatic planning allocates resources automatically.

Save fuel and reduce operational costs

Route optimization calculates shorter routes. Allocate tasks optimally and promote productivity.

Make informed decisions

Follow the productivity and efficiency of your operations in real-time. Get detailed reports with strategic business insights.

Get visibility and control over complex tasks

Create and share complex operational projects. Control the productivity in your projects. Manage materials and documents.

React faster and increase customer satisfaction

Track execution of tasks, detect deviations, and adjust operational plans quickly.

Promote safety and economy on the road

Promote safety and economy with driving coaching. Provide your drivers with safety alerts in real-time.


Main features of DrivianTasks

Intelligent and automatic task planning

Plan your tasks automatically

Reduce costs with shorter routes

Allocate the best resources to each task

Real-time operational dashboard

Track the productivity of your workforce in real-time

Get real-time performance indicators

Follow your operations in a map

Create custom analytic reports

Build reports that make sense for your business

Get insights, not raw data

Analyse trends and detect deviations

Field project management

Create, share and control visually your operational projects

Control the usage of materials in tasks

Share documentation

Adaptable to your business

Customize the system according to your needs

Interact with your contractors or subcontractors

Integrate with existing systems

Simplified fleet management

Manage your fleet without unnecessary complexity

Promote safety and economy on the road

Locate your vehicles and record trips

An all-in-one solution

All the essential core functionalities in one system: Field service management, Project management, Human resources, Fleet management and Analytics, among others

Ready to use

Just register, download the app and start working. We host and manage the system for you.

It grows with your business

Pay only for the users and for the features you need.

Change your subscription plan as you go.

Do you need more?

Integration with your systems or have any special requirements?

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About Us

Making operational management easier

Since the beginning of this challenge, we work every day to demonstrate that an operational management system with route optimization and analytical intelligence does not have to be costly or complicated. Our mission is to make your life easier by allowing you to: optimize your routes and operational plans, locate your employees and resources and carry out analyses to support strategic decisions.

Forget the complicated systems to install and use, and join us in this revolution!

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